Prototyping and Scaling Decentralized Autonomous Organizations
What we do
At DAO Incubator we bring together builders, activists, researchers and investors to user in the age of DAOs. We believe the blockchain and decentralised governance space can benefit greatly from a network of physical locations that are conductive to:

  • knowledge transfers
  • fostering cross project pollination and conducting integrations
  • fondamental and practical research on behalf of DAOs and third parties
  • grant applications match-making and support
  • funding for incubatees
  • prototyping and deploying DAOs for communities as well as traditional institutions and companies
Our model requires us to use cutting edge tools for decentralized governance, funding and task allocation as well establishing a future DAO oriented and managed fund.
Our Thesis
DAOs are a revolutionary form of social and economic organization
DAOs are on their way to becoming on asset class on their own
DAOs are undergoing an intensive experimentation period that precede mainstream adoption
Our First Incubatee: Pando

Our First Incubatee: Pando
Cem Dagdelen
Founder & Strategy
Cem worked on establishing and raising for EM ETFs and won a Financial Innovation award in 2013 for designing a borderless credit system. After working on startup financing advisory, Cem is currently focused on synthesizing and promoting use cases for DAOs and crypto economic primitives through mechanism design, business development and partnerships with DAOincubator, an ecosystem catalyst which aims to aggregate research, funding, and consulting which targets the betterment and implementation of DAO based initiatives. Cem is a competitive sailor since age 9 and writes about art philosophy and critique for a Turkish lifestyle magazine.

Daniel Shavit
Founder & Research
Daniel has a degree in economics from Bocconi University and was a digital payments consultant advising entities such as Paypal, Mastercard, Unicredit and the Italian Banking Association. He is a decentralized governance researcher focusing on the topics of protocolar governance as well as taxonomical classification, security and experimentation of DAOs to enable mass adoption by communities, productive organization and existing institutions.

Contact Us
E-mail: Contact@daoincubator.org
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